Windspill Banner Brackets

Canvas Specialty offers Windspill Banner Brackets at bulk pricing, perfect for municipalities and other organzations who mount banners on utility and light poles. Request a quote now for bulk pricing.


  • Strong

    Manufactured from heat tempered cast aluminum and affixed to the pole with banding so it will not move, “creep” or come loose in adverse conditions.

  • Rust Resistant

    All components are rust resistant (Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Fiberglass)

  • Prevents Sloppy Looking Banners

    Windspill™ is engineered with “canted” fiberglass arms to hold the banner evenly taut across the entire surface. This also prevents “wind whip” which can greatly reduce the expected life of your banner.

  • Ease Of Installation & Adjustment

    Once the bases are securely installed, the arms are easily adjusted (up to 3″) by merely loosening the 3/8″ x 3/4″ bolts and sliding the arm unit up or down and then re-tightening. Only a standard 9/16″ wrench required for adjustments. If you do not have a year round banner program, the pole arm unit can be removed easily while the base remains on the pole. In addition, the units are clearly marked for simple and correct installation

  • Reduces Wind Load

    The fiberglass pole arms are designed to flex a bit in high winds and then return to their original position, thus, SPILLING some of the wind force from the banner surface and reducing wind loading on your light poles.

  • Safety Features

    The pole arm cannot fall from the base even if the bolts are not properly tightened by your installer. Both 3/4″ long bolts must be completely removed by hand before the arm unit will disengage from the base. In addition, the pole arm tie-down assembly securely fastens the arm unit to the banner, so even then, it cannot fall to the ground.

  • One Size

    One size fits most round poles 3-1/2″ diameter and above, and square poles over 3″ diameter. Also fits octagonal and fluted poles. Both the base unit and the arm unit can be lag bolted to flat surfaces or wood poles. Even when lag bolted, the pole arm unit can pass over the head of the lag bolt in the base and be easily removed.

  • Versatile

    The base unit serves as the Deluxe Base for mounting our arm unit as well as the flag mounting unit and the basket hanging unit. Windspill Jr.™ easily upgrades to the Deluxe Windspill™ system. One system for all of your pole decoration needs!

  • Cost Effective

    One size fits all, proper mounting of banners and ease of installation saves hours and dollars in the maintenance of your banner program. The biggest cost of a banner program can be the constant maintenance of a poorly engineered bracket system and the premature replacement of improperly installed banners. Windspill™ Flag and Banner Mounting System solves the maintenance problems and save you money.

For The Best!

Ask for the WINDSPILL™ Flag and Banner Mounting System!


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