Industrial Noise Control Curtains

Sound Blocking & Fire Retardant Curtains

STC 13 / STC 17 is a sound blocking material that blocks outside noise and light. It is a flexible, high density, reinforced vinyl that resists the passage of sound waves and reduces the transmission of airborne noise. STC 13 / STC 17 is ideal for direct application to the noise source and/or to the housing covering the noise source.

STC 13 / STC 17 won’t shrink, rot, or cause metal corrosion and also features a strong resistance to adverse environmental conditions, oils, weak acids, and alkalis.

STC 13 / STC 17 can be combined with acoustical foams, mineral fiber, glass fiber, and ceramic fiber insulation to provide lightweight, efficient composites with high transmission losses over a broad frequency range. It is often used in walls under the drywall in home offices and industrial building to assist in suppressing noises.

Snyder Sound Barrier products are thin, light weight, flexible, flame retardant products that are formulated with anti-mildew, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial agents. In addition, the Snyder Sound Barrier family completely eliminates light from transmitting through the fabric.

There are a number of applications where Snyder Sound Barrier products offer a noise reducing solution:

– Very thin layer of sound blocking mass – For some floors or walls with tight space constraints, the Snyder Sound Barrier offers a space saving solution over drywall for sound blocking.
– Flexible source of mass – Snyder Sound Barrier products can be used to wrap columns or pipes, to line ductwork, or to fill gaps around doors and windows.
– Temporary application or a portable source of mass – Snyder Sound Barrier products can be used as a portable sound blanket or noise control curtain.
– Decorative curtains – Snyder Sound Barrier products can be sewn or heat laminated into window and wall coverings. Since the fabric blocks out light they offer energy saving in addition to reducing sound.
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