Aqua-Tite Green Water Repellent (Canvas Treatment) 1 Gallon

Aqua-Tite Green Water Repellent (Canvas Treatment) 1 Gallon


Product Description

New Eco Friendly Aqua-Tite Green Water Repellent Treatment is easy to use. One gallon of this waterproofing solution covers 500 to 700 square ft, depending on absorbency of fabric. For waterproofing on fabrics made of :  Acrylic, Cotton, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester and Cotton Blends. ideal for boat covers, awnings, sporting goods equipment, canvas and leather foot ware.

Aqua Tite Green is a premium grade product which imparts a unique combination of Water and Stain Repellent. Water Drops just “bead and roll off” Aqua Tite treated products. Provide outstanding protection against aqueous based stains such as soda and grape juice. Fabrics treated with Aqua Tite green resist dirt and oil-based stains such as animal droppings, motor oil, and lubricants. Enhances the tone of the fabric. Very good durability to outdoor weathering.

Aqua Tite Green contains no mineral spirits or petroleum distillates. Contains isopropanol .

This product replaced the product known as Aqua-Tite Silicone Waterproofing Treatment.

Additional Information

Weight 11.5 lbs